My Nuu Flip and Nokia 6300, chilling on the dining room table. Sorry about the cat hair.

I was late to the smartphone game.

I used a knockoff Blackberry slider until 2013 or so, and had no intention of switching out, since my girlfriend (now wife) was also still using an LG slider phone. But, when her slider finally died, she decided it was time for both of us to get into smartphones. The timing worked out; my knockoff Blackberry, which carried me through two very dirty jobs at a pizzeria and at a factory, was starting to breakdown.

A little over a decade later, I still use an Android smartphone. Rarely do I need to boot…

Win 3 Booting up on my dining room table.

I recently wrote about the short comings I found in my short time with the GPD Win 3. If only reading that, you might assume that I dislike the system, and am having no fun with it. Quite the contrary, I have barely set the system down long enough to charge it since it showed up on my door step.

Below, are a few things I have done to ensure I am having the best experience with the system, and I recommend you do the same.

Tablet Mode Only

Look, Windows 10 tablet mode is garbage, especially you’ve ever used Android, or have…

Photo borrow from GPD Win 3 IndieGoGo

A little backstory:

I got on board with the Win 3 when it was on IndieGoGo late last year. I supported it because — as I’ve written previously — portable consoles like the Win 3 and the Aya Neo are where I think gaming should be heading. As of writing, I’ve had my Win 3 for about two days, and have play about six to eight hours on it, and while I have enjoyed the gaming experience, the Win 3 has also proved something that a lot of people already know:

Windows 10 is straight up garbage for small and…

It probably goes without saying, but there are spoilers about Person 5 up ahead. This probably means nothing, since everyone and their mom has played the game, but — in the name of human decency — you have been warned.

Alternate version of the Persona 5 protagonist where they are a girl instead of a boy
Alternate version of the Persona 5 protagonist where they are a girl instead of a boy
Image courtesy of Reddit

Persona 5 and P5 Royal are lightning in a bottle. A blend of style and substance that, when combined, became a cultural phenomenon. It is not putting it lightly that P5 and P5R changed what people could expect from RPG’s, and JRPG’s in particular. So it should go without saying that P6 will inevitably fall short as a follow up.

Linux Mint with KDE Plasma installed

KDE is one of those DE’s I always come back to. When I first started with Linux in 2018, it was the third DE I’d tried, after GNOME and LXDE. As I continued my Linux journey, I kept coming back to it, either through Kubuntu or KDE Neon, or — more recently — as an addon for my Linux Mint install.

Now that I’ve tried just about every DE the Linux world has to offer, there is one question that keeps bugging me in the back of my mind: How hasn’t KDE completely take over the Linux world.

Power and Efficiency

There was…

Win3 Prototype image from GPD’s website.

I have a love/hate relationship with game consoles. I was first introduced to them by way of the Sega Genesis back in 1992 or ’93, when my uncle, who was a huge tech enthusiast, bought me and my sisters one. We even got a game to go with it: The Lion King. And, while my sisters took gaming as a passing fancy — only interested at short intervals in their lives — games became a focal point of my life. …

Surface Go running the latest Windows 10

I’ve been using Linux for a little over three years now. I love it. From it’s endless customisation, to the community support — I cannot get enough of Linux in my life. But I know that, while market shares for Linux machines have gone up recently, Linux users and enthusiasts are still in the minority. While we may enjoy all the trappings that make Linux what it is, there are more people out there representing a different user experience and a different use case. For them, a Windows machine meets those requirements, where a Linux machine might fall flat.

Easier to Find


Pop! OS 20.04 running the System76 version of GNOME

If you’ve been in Linux for any amount of time, you probably have realized that for every two or three Linux Distributions, there’s a unique desktop environment (DE). From the popular GNOME and KDE Plasma, to the venerable XFCE and Mate, to the rarer UKUI, there’s a DE for every type of computer user. And if you’ve been in Linux long enough, you’ve probably heard, or even figured out, that you can put whatever DE you want on your distro with just a few simple commands in the terminal.

This is a bad idea, and should be avoided at all…

Pop! OS 20.04 from System76

Be everything to everyone — that is the basic mission statement of the 2-in-1 device. It must be robust for desktop users, but also friendly to mobile computing. It has to be powerful, yet light. Keyboard commands must abound, but so too must gestures and swipes.

Many giants have stumbled to reach this goal. Whether it is the failed Surface RT or the lackluster Pixelbook that caused Google to backtrack and release the Pixel Go, the perfect 2-in-1 remains elusive.

It is a tough needle to thread, even in the FOSS (Free and Open Source) communities. But, where with Windows…

My GNOME Desktop on Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS

The Surface Pro 2 is a respectably spec’d machine, even at seven years old. Sporting 4 to 8gb of RAM and a perky i5 or beefy i7processor, it can handle workloads akin to many mid-range to high-end laptops and 2-in-1’s. With it’s all metal construction, and bright display it still gives off that premium vibe, even though they can be bought on Ebay for a song nowadays.

But, if you’re like me, you are running your Pro 2 with Windows 10, and probably aren’t all to happy with the performance or battery life.

On Windows 8 and 8.1, I imagine…

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